We are honored that you would consider us for helping you reach your goals. Our greatest desire is to witness committed individuals glorify God by presenting their bodies as a living sacrifice. Christianity has been viewed in the past as being a weak, poor, fat man's religion, but that is the farthest  thing from the truth. The very essence of Christianity is Discipline, Commitment, and Faith. Kingdom FitCamp desire to educate, equip, and empower you so that this time you can successfully reach your "Resolution".  Kingdom FitCamp is a fitness program that merges Faith, Fitness and Food together in a way that will result in a completely transformed you. Kingdom FitCamp also utilizes the latest technology to insure that every component of your regimen is operating on full throttle. 


7:30 AM - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

8:30 AM - Monday, Wednesday and Friday


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Fitology 101 inc's Accountability Coaching Transformation Service. This covers your evaluations, accountability checkup calls. We are dedicated to keeping you motivated.



This is our APP for your phone or tablet designed to make sure that you are doing the right things when not with us at the gym or at home. a personalized program for your success



Biblical Nutrition 101 is a 11 week course that we pack into 4 power sessions. It is designed to find the keys to your success in the Word of God. learn what the bible has to say about fitness and Nutrition.




10 monthly sessions of Kingdom FitCamp, a Kingdom seeking program that empowers you to take the Kingdom by force!



Fun, Fellowship and Freedom







   All for $99 per month


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