Stretching and Strengthening for the Spirit, Mind and Body

Looking for a class that combines stretching and strengthening moves all while meditating on scripture and setting you on a firm foundation spiritually, mentally and physically, then this class is for you! You will increase your flexibility, relieve stress, improve your circulation, receive cardio conditioning, while strengthening your body all with a Christ centered approach to physical and spiritual fitness and well- being.

Equipment you will need: A yoga mat and yoga blocks.

Monday and Fridays, 4:30-5:30 PM.

Classes will Resume June 19th. Contact Cinda Trexler: 850-527-0755 or for more information.

Testimony of God’s Miraculous Spiritual and Physical Healing

Cinda Trexler 


For six  years I had  lived in constant pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back as well as numbness and tingling in my right arm and weakness in my right side.  During this time, I sought the help of chiropractors, massage therapist and physical therapist.  Not once did I pray about the direction  God wanted me to take as it concerned my health. 


Under great stress and anxiety, I decided to make an appointment with an  orthopedic surgeon to have x-rays with the hope that he would have an answer to my  health issues.  I traveled to one of the most renowned orthopedic sports facilities in our area,  Andrews Clinic in Gulf Breeze.  The doctor who founded this clinic performs surgery on  professional athletes and in most all of his cases is able to correct their physical injuries.  This knowledge alone, that the  doctors there were trained by Dr. Andrews,  the founder of this clinic, gave me hope I could be helped.  After multiple x-rays and physical tests the physician explained to me that I have something called  “thoracic outlet syndrome”.  The most common causes of thoracic outlet syndrome include physical trauma from  a car accident,  repetitive strain injury from a job such as frequent  nonergonomic use of a keyboard,  sports-related  activities, and anatomical defects such as having an extra rib. 


At the age of seventeen I was in an almost fatal car accident that destroyed my left knee, broke both bones   in my lower leg and crushed all the bones in my arm and I am sure that alone could have caused my  problems.  My job, requires me to sit a at computer typing on a keyboard for hours at a time and getting in and out of the car as I drive from on location to the next.  The doctor told  me my poor posture from my constant typing in front of the keyboard and the  car accident had caused  the compression on my right side and this compression was pressing on the nerves causing pain in my neck, arm, back and leg, as everything is connected .  The doctor wanted to do further tests and asked me to make an appointment to come back for a MRI. 


I left there still in pain and feeling hopeless with no real answers acknowledging that the next option was probably surgery.  Over the next week I pondered my situation and began to pray.  I told God I knew  there had to be another answer to alleviating my pain.  I quoted the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11-13 where God talks about knowing the plans he has for us, his plans to prosper us and not to harm us and how he  wants to give us a hope and a  future.  I was certain that he held the answer for me and that I would find  that answer when  I began to  seek him with all of my heart v. 12-13.  I began to search the internet and look for exercises for thoracic outlet syndrome and I found many.  I began to daily incorporate these exercises and as a result I saw some improvement. 


Then one Sunday morning in June, I noticed that Fusion was offering a class called Standing Firm.  The class  description incorporated scripture meditation, stretching, diaphragmatic breathing and a promise of a lifetime of fitness.  There was only one catch, it was at 5:00 a.m. two days a week.  For several years God had  been speaking to me about rising early to read his  word  and spend time with him  and I had every excuse in  the book as we all do; that it was  way too early,  I was tired, I’m not a morning person and the list goes on.   I  had been praying for God to send me the answer to my health problem and here it was. The only thing he required from me, was to be obedient to what he had been calling me to do for so long and that was to rise early and meet him. If I would do that, he could begin to heal me.  I had no idea the blessings that were in store for me and that not only would he heal me physically, but as I  began to daily practice what I learned in Standing  Firm,  deep breathing, stretching and meditating on scripture , God  started a restoration in my heart and life that would go beyond me and reach out to restore relationships that had been broken  for 11 years. 


So, I stand firm before you today with wholeness in my spirit, mind and body.  How grateful I am to Emily Hutt, a personal wellness trainer for Christ, and her desire to honor God with her “Taking A Stand” ministry (A Kingdom Collaboration to Restore a Christ-Centered Whole Health Image) and to Fusion for  offering the Standing Firm class.  


God placed us on this earth to have a relationship with him and when we seek him with all of  our heart he will be found by us and he will bring us back from captivity. (Jeremiah 29:12-13) I was being held captive by physical issues, spiritual issues and emotional issues but when I  sought God and was willing to be obedient to him, he brought me back from captivity  and has set me free  to serve him healthy and whole.   


If you are here today and God has been calling you to meet him early in the morning when it is still dark and quiet, I urge you to be obedient to his calling. If you want an opportunity to experience a Christ centered whole health program where  your spirit, mind and body become one, visit our Meet God on the Mat yoga class currently held at Fusion Fitness Center. You will be blessed tenfold.