Fusion Fitness Center provides affordable gym memberships to the community. The membership includes unlimited access to the fitness room during operating hours and access to the gymnasium during open-gym hours. As Fusion grows and offers more leagues and activities, the open-gym hours will decrease, but there will always be open-gym during certain hours every day.

Important Online Paperwork

Standard Membership Fees

  • Single Plan: $20/monthly
  • Married Couple: $35/monthly
  • Family Plan: $50/monthly
  • One Month Only: $30/month (expires after 1 month)

Corporate Memberships

  • Single Plan: $15/monthly
  • Married Couple: $25/monthly
  • Family Plan: $40/monthly

Important Notes

  • There will be a $25 registration fee.
  • If you pay for a full year in a single payment, you will receive a free month membership (13 for the cost of 12).
  • Future sports leagues, certain special aerobics classes, or fitness club costs will not be covered by your membership.